I Market Things

Full of energy and enthusiasm, our Marketing Director Zoe is happiest when she is pulling together tailored marketing strategies that drive growth and engagement for our clients’ businesses. She builds great client relationships, getting to know you and your brand identity and providing limitless support. Delivering exactly what you need, she uses her 17 years’ experience of running highly successful marketing campaigns to bring your briefs to life and make your business really stand out.

I Design Things

Pete is our Creative Director. His eye-catching branding and visual campaigns stay true to your brand identity and values. Innovative and unique, Pete’s visually stunning and effective designs really engage with the target audience. His 30 years’ experience of working around the world is reflected in the quality of his work.


I Plan Things

Our Operations Director Ben keeps The Media.Agency running smoothly and efficiently – organising resources, budgets, schedules and managing our workflows.
He is always looking for ways to enhance what we do – keeping up to date with the latest technologies to improve productivity and tailor our processes to meet your needs. He also drives our sustainability and social activities to minimise our environmental impact and give back to our communities.

I Develop Things

Dave is our Head of Digital who turns innovative ideas into functional and user-friendly online platforms. With a strong command of programming languages and a knack for problem-solving, he’s the architect behind our seamless website experiences. From conceptualising digital structures to coding and testing, Dave ensures that every pixel and interaction is finely tuned to your audience and brand.

Dave Morgan

I Co-Ordinate Things

Tylar, our Digital Marketing Co-ordinator, expertly guides your brand through the ever-changing digital world. With a deep understanding of online platforms and consumer behaviour, Tylar crafts tailored strategies to enhance your online presence and drive engagement. From social media and SEO to email marketing and digital ads, Tylar hones campaigns for the best outcomes – ensuring your brand not only stays current but also flourishes in the online space.

I Write Things

Our Copywriter Liz writes engaging content that talks to your audience. Using your voice, she helps you get your message across naturally – keeping you and your brand identity front and centre. She can help with any writing you need – from words for your website to marketing brochures, case studies and proposals for your clients.


I Draw Things

Our Graphic Designer Brendan uses the latest software packages to create cutting-edge 2D and 3D images and motion pictures as well as technical designs. He creates engaging animations to tell your story and connect with your target audience. Managing the whole process from concept to finalisation or is happy to animate provided assets – brings your mascots to life.  

Ben Livinginton

I Create Things

As our Content Creator, Ben takes the lead in bringing ideas to life and shaping them into captivating content. With his keen eye for detail and artistic flair, he oversees the entire lifecycle of projects – from storyboarding and pre-production to editing and post-production. With a passion for visual storytelling, Ben ensures that every project resonates effectively with your target audience, making sure your message is delivered with impact.